If you know me, you know me.  If you don’t know me, contact me and get to know me.  I have made many mistakes and have plenty of evidence to prove it.  I don’t consider myself an expert, but in my writing I’m trying to enhance and comprehend my own philosophies.  MyEric Black & White profile 2 full name is Eric Joseph Horvat. You are welcome to find me via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email, or any other way of communicating you come up with.  I think my website expresses a lot about me. I was born and raised in Southern California, and currently live in Valencia.  I grew up in Granada Hills, California, attended St. Euphrasia Catholic School & the 1994 Northridge earthquake moved my family to the Santa Clarita Valley.  I attended Hart High School and earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology at Cal State University Northridge, where I played baseball and made many lifelong friends(LLF’s).  I married a beautiful woman, Stacey, in Puerto Vallarta in 2010. We have a son, Blake, and a daughter, Brodie. I love making family vlogs and interviewing interesting people to post on YouTube.  I work at MOC Products Inc in the Menu Development Department and have been there since 2007.  I co-founded the athletic recruiting and fundraising non-profit Direct Prospect in 2010.  I am an Indie author.  My most recent projects have been Get on the Steamroller or Get Run Over, from 2012, Losing Hurts! That’s Why Winning Feels So Good released summer of 2013, and You Can Fall Without Failing in 2015. My Wife, Stacey, and I own, operate and run Horvat Recruiting Videos where we film, edit and produce softball and baseball skills videos. Our true passion as husband and wife is to help student athletes reach the next level of competition. I am always in the middle of reading a book.  You should do the same.  I think it enhances my critical thinking and makes me a better writer.  To see what I am reading now, see WHAT I’M READING NOW on the sidebar of this website.  I do my best to eat healthy and work out regularly, but that falls to the wayside when life gets in the way.  My interests are in sports, people, their personal development, and the stupid shit that holds us all back from reaching our goals…we all know about it but don’t talk about it enough.  We are told from the time we are children that we are all unique and special.  I disagree.  You are NOT special.  You aren’t special until you do something that makes you special.  So I urge you to go out and do something that challenges you.  Do something that you were told is a bad idea…or shouldn’t be done. Those are the things that are the most gratifying to us.  This website is a place for my thoughts and a place to display my work. It may sometimes be NSFW. There is no specific schedule or specific topic I will write about. If I haven’t posted anything in a while and its bugging you…CONTACT me and let me know.  Maybe I will write about you.  There is no agenda here.  If you don’t speak up about what you see or believe in, how will the world ever know you existed, right?  I don’t get my opinions from my religion and I try not to let emotions determine what gets blasted out in public.  I’ll let my observations around me be my evidence.  I may post something once per month, or multiple times per day. Some posts may be as short as one sentence…others may be 1000 words. Enjoy!

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