#26 Feedback

I don’t know what you do…but do you want to know what I do know?

You are probably pretty good at what you do.  AND YOU KNOW IT!

The biggest problem you have is that the feedback you get isn’t very good.

You may get a, “Good job,” here or there, but is that really good feedback on how well you are doing?

I just got some great criticism and advice today.  I’ll tell you why it was great.

First of all, the advice was specific.  He let me know clearly what he was looking for, and he identified areas that needed improvement.  Next, he let me know what would be effective without being overly critical or pushy.  I countered him with a few objections and excuses, but he then reacted to my response by giving me an alternative perspective I had never thought of before. (Or maybe I had thought of it…and he was only reminding me.)

Lastly, he walked away making me feel good about myself and my work.  Everyone likes to feel as if what they are doing is worthwhile.  And just by letting me know he is monitoring what I do gives me motivation to keep making headway.

Now I’m focused on the future, and got my head back into creating more content.


Getting good feedback is so important, and crucial to your success…so if you are asked for advice remember the following:

1. Be specific. 2. Identify areas for improvement. 3. Give examples of how they can be effective.  4. React in a positive manner, and make sure the person you are giving advice to feels good when you are done.

Above all, remember a time when you have received some feedback and it impacted you in the right way.  Learn from that and use it to help others.