#5 All mommy wanted was a back rub!

I watched my wife shop for baby clothes the other day.

I get a kick out of how clever the shirt designers think they are with their quotes.

“Captain Adorable!” “Daddy’s All Star!”“Does this diaper make my butt look big?”  I even saw one that said, “All mommy wanted was a back rub!”

That one was actually pretty funny.

As she walked through the aisles looking at shirts and sleeping outfits, she would touch and feel them with her hands.  If something felt good, she looked for a while…if it didn’t,  she moved on.  She navigated her way through the walkways quickly, and we were out of there in a hurry because she knows I hate to follow her around like a puppy while she shops.

I realized that she looks at little things in a way much different than I do.  I look at the price tag and wonder how quickly my boy will grow out of the shirt.  She imagines how she will feel when the clothes are on the baby and how cute it will be when he looks up at her.(We ended up getting some PJ’s and a hat by the way.)

But I used to think I wrote to change the way people look at what they do.  I think I’d rather write to change the way people FEEL.

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