#3 Bouncing Back

Loaded-SpringThe past few months I think the most common trait I see in professional athletes is the ability to bounce back when something goes wrong.

Of course, there are bad calls from referees and umpires.  Slo-mo and hi-def TV have proven that!

In baseball I see bad at bats and hanging breaking balls.  In basketball I’m seeing too many fouls and tons of missed free throws.  In the NFL draft there were lowered expectations.

You may have noticed that there’s almost always SOMETHING going wrong, and it is usually small stuff.

But sometimes big things go wrong.

When things go south, some people are able to bounce back.  Some cant. Your ability
to do this and then find a way to benefit is what will separate you from everyone else.

Its not easy to do…or everyone would do it.  How are we going to separate ourselves?

I guess we just need to get good at bouncing back.

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