#10 Normal is boring

When I look back on the past few years, I see some success I have had in my life and I can also see failures.  I recognize the attitude I have now is pretty much the same attitude I have had my entire life, and it has helped me accomplish quite a bit.  I think of it as normal, but others do not.
I pursue whatever questions seem interesting to me at the time, then I find a way to get it done.
I received some advice this weekend.  
I did not ask for the advice, but they gave it to me regardless.
Very thoughtful of them, right?  They told me to, “Write what you think a normal person would read.”
A normal person?  
So the question I now have is,  “Who, and what is a normal person?”
A normal person wakes up, takes a shower, goes to work or school, goes home, eats…then goes to bed.  That’s pretty normal, right?
Now…in between those blatant generalizations, normal people do normal things:
  • Gossip about TV (reality shows/Sports/Politics)
  • Surf the internet (Google/Facebook/Twitter/YouTube)
  • Use our smartphones (Talk/Text/Gossip/More Internet)
  • Sit in traffic on the freeway.
  • Watch TV (so we can gossip about it tomorrow)
This is what “normal” people do.  As I sit here and think or normal I begin to dislike normal.
Normal is regular.  Normal is common.  Normal is Ordinary.  
Normal is boring.
So no, I’m not going to write what normal people want to read.  I’m going to write about what I think about and what I like to read.
How about we all stop trying to fit in and be normal.  Because the more we do that…the more boring we become.