#32 Defy Challenges


I used to think happiness was something you earned, and that it was a choice.  I thought it was something that just happened once you hit a certain time in your life.  I thought once you had suffered enough, it warranted happy times.

Boy was I wrong.

I have been wrong about so much, and I have a strong suspicion that I will be wrong about so much more.  Society, philosophy, love, etc…  Having a child has made me think deep.  It has made me appreciate the small things.  Stuff like giggles and smiles.  Accomplishments I never put any value to before.

This has led me to actually change my needs and wants in life.  Yes, most are the same like food, shelter and clothing.  But like I have said before, I want to die knowing I had done everything I am capable of doing.

There is so much rejection and so much failure we experience in this life.  It makes it easy to quit or procrastinate.  We do this with too many things in our lives and when a few years pass, we look back and realize we’ve spent more time analyzing our life than actually living it.

Those feelings of apprehension are what make life worth living.  Those feelings are a reminder that we are challenging ourselves.  They are there to remind you to change.

Defy the challenges put in front of you.  Face them head on, and don’t let fear block the path you want your life to be traveling on.