#33 It ain’t luck

luckySometimes it seems that some people get what they want out of life…it seems they get all the luck.

Well it ain’t luck!

These people understand that it is not what you have, but actually what you do with what you have that establishes your success or failure. We settle for too little and don’t really know what we are capable of.

I know of people who have talent in many areas of their life. They are smart, they speak well, and they carry themselves in a likable fashion. Friendships are not a problem, family life is just fine, but something is missing in their life. They are searching for something. There is an emptiness in their heart that they can’t explain, but desperately try to fill it with physical items rather than figure out what is missing emotionally.

Our society has created this culture with these messages sent to us every day. And I think if we paid more attention to the world around us, and understood how BIG the world is, we would have a different perspective. That emotional hole might be more easily filled.

So, today when I open up the internet and see the top headlines, I don’t see any real news. I see information about Paris Hilton and her family, Selena Gomez throwing a temper tantrum, and a slew of football headlines(but what a great Sunday for football, right?).


Is this Yahoo’s fault for filling the space with this info? Should we be upset that Yahoo, a business, needs eyeballs to make money?

Nope…this one falls on us.

We choose what we pay attention to. What we need to focus on is what we pay attention to. It falls along the same lines as what we decide to eat every day.

The key is to choose to feed our brain with good information rather than crap. If we eat donuts for breakfast every morning we will be fat. If we read drama and superficial news every day our brains will be dull.

Read something impactful right now. If you don’t know where to start, go here and click around for a bit. You will be led to some interesting websites, blogs and videos.