#34 The cycle begins…


We are preached rules of life.

We believe the people who teach us these rules and make the rules.  Inherently, we think these are good people.  The rules are remotely based on religious beliefs and dogmas.  Then we are enslaved to the rule-makers because we are obsessed with physical objects.  Inherently, human beings like objects.  Objects like houses, cars, clothes, shoes and shiny objects like phones, tablets, and computers.

In order to obtain those shiny objects we need money.  In order to obtain this money, we must educate ourselves.  For most of the population we have to take out a loan in order to get this education.  The rule-makers give us this loan.  Now, in order to pay the rule-makers we must work a job we more than likely hate or don’t want to be enslaved to.

We now become adults who have children of our own who want what we have as adults.  “Shiny Objects.”  There is a bump in the road though.

The adults then want their children to have a better or easier life than what they had.  They don’t want their kids to struggle the same way they had to struggle.  It’s in our human nature to feel this way.  I don’t want my son to feel discomfort.  It breaks my heart every day when I see him struggle and get upset.

So naturally, I want him to have it easy so he immediately feels good.  Usually I flash a shiny object in front of him to ease his discomfort.

And so the cycle begins…