#44 Like-Minded

The most successful people I know want to see me do well.  They are cheering for me at the same time I am cheering for them.  I understand and preach to others that should be surrounding ourselves with like-minded people.

The more successful people you surround yourself with will give you a bigger safety net for you and your family.  I deal with people who have a mindset of not wanting to be around successful people. [They would argue with me that this is not true, of course.]  I know they do not want to be around people who are successful because when they compare themselves, they feel shame.

What do they do instead?

They surround themselves with people who trash talk, blame others, and make excuses as for why they have a shitty life.  The blame the government for not helping the poor or middle class.  They blame their boss when they get fired.  They will see an expensive car speed by and call the driver a drug dealer.

Hang out with people that get things done.  Stay away from the people who blame them for their failures.