#18 Basic human needs

Is shelter a basic human need?  I say, “yes.”

If you are a tenant who is facing eviction from your landlord, the chances are, you will probably lose your case if it goes to court.  The main reason is landlords “lawyer up” whereas tenants go to court flying solo.  If you can’t come up with the cash to pay for rent, how can you pay for an attorney?

Well, the Shriver Housing Project is a groundbreaking program designed to provide legal representation to tenants with low income.

Out of over 2500 cases in Los Angeles, only 40 have been handled in court.  All others were settled out of court.  Usually it is not worth the cost of going to trial…most cases are about non-payment of rent.

How do they do it?  Four nonprofit services and the help of pro bono attorneys are teaming up to handle the cases.  This is the first type of program like this in the country.

Free counsel for tenants, fewer court cases clogging up the system, and saving taxpayers money…seems like a win/win for all.  If the Shriver Project continues to do well, it will hope to serve as the model for the rest of the country.

A project like this is what we need more of in this society.  We need to educate and care for those less fortunate than us.  Volunteering makes a huge impact on the health of our civilization.  The impact of volunteer work is over $160 billion each year.

To learn more about the Shriver Project, go to www.shriverhousingla.org or you can contact at probono01@shriverhousingla.org




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