#17 Apprehension

Apprehension is a dreadful feeling about our future.  It is having anxiety over what may happen.  It is an alarming feeling that keeps us from seizing on opportunities.  We are basically “feeling” some failure we haven’t even experienced yet.  We’re thinking about the worst case scenario or the worst result rather than the best possible result.

I think our society doesn’t teach often enough to visualize … or try to experience accomplishments before they even happen.  And to do it in a constructive manner.

This is the opposite of apprehension.  It’s anticipation of a positive future.  It’s an expectation and an optimistic outlook. 

It’s much tougher than the feeling of apprehension.  This is because we have a misleading feeling of modesty and shyness that pushes us to sidestep the things we most want to do in life. 

I expect rejection from the get-go.  I keep pushing out content even if it isn’t as good as some of my other stuff.  The reason I do this is because I’d rather deal with it now, rather than later.

What I feel most though, is that when we begin to be challenged by success, we have to challenge the element of truth that what we are doing right now IS NO GOOD!  And it sucks to tell yourself that you aren’t as good as you want to be … or think you are.

Reverse the normal way of thinking.  Be hard on yourself and realize there is plenty of room to grow.  That way won’t put a ceiling over your head and cap your growth.



Go to the grave knowing you did everything you are capable of doing.