#16 Mainstream Media

NewspaperOh boy … Asiana flight 214 was devastating.  The NSA is recording us.  People across the country are rioting over the Zimmerman trial (which has been over-hyped up by the media.)  Surprisingly, the Middle East still has unrest and the world is worried about what tricks North Korea has up their sleeve.

The news is irritating me right now.  It is doing nothing but stalling me from working and focusing on the right things.  I need to stop paying attention to all the bad happening in the world.

These are my motivational thoughts to keep my mind off this stuff.

We are fortunate…that is a fact.

This society we live in provides us all with PLENTY of opportunities.  All we have to do is be open to receive them. 

We grow from our suffering and learn from our mistakes.  We should let go of the past that has harmed us.   It will only hold down our progress. 

Look forward to changes you have to make in the future…they will deliver the most positive results. 

Too many people go to their tombs with their lives “unlived.”  Make this time here on earth count.

Create a micro-climate of hope for the people around you.  Recognize the conceivable notion that you have so much potential locked down deep inside.

No matter how hard you want it or how bad you need it, you are going to hit roadblocks along the way.  The world has put up walls to keep us down.  You have two options. 

Turn around and give up … or POWER through to bust down those walls.  What will it be?