#20 Consistency

The key trait of a winner is consistency.  You can’t expect to do something only once and expect to see great results right away.  You become consistent by developing good habits.  You become consistent through repetition.  You become consistent from trial and error.  You become consistent when you’ve set a goal to be consistent…and reach it.

Let’s number our pace of life between one and ten.  One is sitting in front of the TV or internet wasting time.  Ten is overloading your task list and completely stressing out.  What number do you want to be at?

I’ll be honest, some days, I like being at 10.  Some days, I like being at 1.  The problem I have, which I’m sure you can relate to, is that too many times, 1 happens consistently.

If you are driving to Las Vegas at 100 MPH you are going to get there quickly, but you are risking your life, and the lives of others on the road.  If you are going at 55 MPH you are also risking lives.  People going 75 to 80 MPH have to pass you…and big rigs would be honking and giving you the finger as they flew by!  You have to keep pace with the flow of traffic.

The key isn’t to only be at an 8 or 9 at all times, but rather to be able to flex between 1 through 10.  Some days we can move fast, some days we can move slow.  Let’s limit the slow days but increase the fast days.

Consistently doing this day in and day out will pay huge bonuses in the long run.



Go to the grave knowing you did everything you are capable of doing.