#21 Rewards don’t come from wishes

Image Source: Freddy Aguirre

I’m always hearing people talk about things they want to achieve.  We always hear about what they wish for.  In the back of my mind I’m always asking, “how bad do you really want it?!”  I want to know how much they are willing to sacrifice, and how much are they willing to risk in order to get it?

Opportunities will begin to pop up all around us the minute we start doing something about our ideas and our dreams.  Talking about what we are going to do gets nothing accomplished.  Meetings, get-togethers and conference calls are only as good as the people who put in the work discussed in them.

When you decide you are willing to sacrifice your pride, your immediate gratifications, and the people that hold you back, the world opens up new possibilities that these things & people block.

Rewards don’t come from wishes.  They come from your hard work.  Always remember this; life is constantly testing your will.  Winners won’t let a few missteps hold them back.




Go to the grave knowing you did everything you are capable of doing.