#22 You had to be there

I was telling a group of friends about a funny event that happened with a different group of friends.  Only the story wasn’t funny when the words came out of my mouth.  So I tried to tell it in a different way…but all I got were blank stares from their faces.

This feeling sucks.

You try to pry open the floodgates to something that you thought was great in your life and nobody cares.  I mean, they didn’t even pretend they cared!

So I had to finish with, “well, I guess you had to be there.”  I know it was funny…I was there…but I couldn’t get them to feel what I felt.

So the lesson I’m taking away from this uncomfortable situation is to enjoy the good feelings when you get them, because they are hard to duplicate.



“If emotion can create a physical action, then duplicating the physical action can re-create the emotion.”

-Chuck Palahniuk