#13 Somehow the fear vanished

I’m always asking people who have great success about their thoughts on success.

  Some view it as a financial accomplishment, and some see it as a spiritual or altruistic achievement.   The one thing that is always discussed is having clear goals set in place.  The reason is because without goals, your ambitions will never become a reality.

Part of why I write is to hopefully get people to take action, get them to think about what I think about(and maybe change their mind), and get them to do what they are passionate about…and that is the other main reason I write.

At first I was in fear to post and share my thoughts.  Then I set a goal to get them [my thoughts & opinions] out into the world.  Somehow that fear vanished.

When we deny our fears, we only add strength to it.

When we accept our fears, we acknowledge it exists, and adjust our decisions accordingly.

Think about what you need to change, take accountability for it, and step up to the challenge.