#12 We all make time for what is important

Somebody gave me the, “I didn’t have time,” excuse when they missed a project deadline.  Now I’m behind schedule and have to explain why my end of the deal hasn’t been closed.


So that leads me to think one of two things about this person.

Tell me if this makes me a jerk…

Excuse #1  – You aren’t good enough to do your job.


Excuse #2  – You didn’t MAKE the time to finish the project. 

Whichever one it was doesn’t cut it in my opinion.  We all have priorities in our lives, but when I hear the words, “I didn’t have time,” I only think in my mind, YOU DIDN’T MAKE THE TIME.

People get distracted by personal drama, work, the internet…you name it.  Whatever it is, its interfering with what is important and keeping us from focusing on what really matters. 

I heard someone once say, “Not to prioritize the schedule, but to schedule the priorities!” 

Every January we hear people make their resolutions about getting to the gym to lose weight.  They’re going to start eating better. 

But they don’t really want to lose the weight.  If they wanted to, they would do it.  It’s more important to eat what they want and veg-out on the couch.  Is it a secret that losing weight is putting down the fork and moving around more?  We all know what to do.  

It’s always difficult to prioritize family, school, work and friends.  Something will always get neglected.  

So remember this; what you want most will decide if you make time for something or not.  What you want most will affect the choices you make.  What you want most will ultimately determine if you DO something or not.  We all make time for what’s important. 

But if you are going to tell me you don’t have time, it just means you don’t prioritize ME, or the projects we are working on together…and I don’t have time for that.